These days, most Aquatic Programs for Babies are in the form of Mommy and Me lessons. These can be useful to make your child feel comfortable in the water and blow bubbles while you hold them. Yet, not only is this something you can do yourself at home during bath time, this approach (which requires you to jump into the pool with your little one) does NOT teach him/her the independent floating and self rescue skills that are crucial should he/she fall in the water. Official Swimming Lessons for your child today will start them in a group environment at around 4 years of age but you can get a head start and, most importantly, make your child safer around water thru the unique ISR method enrolling them as early as 6 months!

In simple terms, ISR is different than traditional swim programs because the One-on-One interaction with your child, allows the instructor to mold the lesson and focus exclusively on his/her individual learning capacity and pace. We teach one child at a time and although some schools do offer costly private lessons, they do not spend much time on survival skills as much as they would on perfecting a swimming stroke, rhythm or water posture, for instance. ISR means Safety because your child can learn to be a great swimmer but that does not mean he or she will know what to do if he falls into the water fully clothed and when panic sets in. ISR goes beyond the swimming lesson to train your child to become an aquatic problem solver.

What Parents want you to know about I Swim Austin:

"My toddler was beyond the "Mommy and Me" classes and was fearless of the water. With older siblings, Elizabeth thought she could do whatever they were doing- including jumping in the pool.
ISR gave me the safety and reassurance that if I turned my head "for one second" that I would not find her floating in the pool- unable to save herself. I recommend this to ANY person with a child. If you think you will always be there to save your child, you are wrong. The greatest gift you can give your child is self survival around the pool and in the water.
Do it before it is too late!"
Melanie T.

" As a mom with a toddler and a pool I cannot emphasize enough the importance of these lessons. My daughter was 11 months old when she started and Erika was so patient and flexible with my crying baby. She molded the teaching style to my daughter's personality and took her time with each step of the process. She also took the time to talk to the parents at the end of the class and explain the different signs of progress. I believe that no fencing nor net is safe enough. During the summer, most of the accidents happen in front of the parent and/or other adults. I recommended to every single parent I know."
Rosa Y.

"I enrolled my 18 month old daughter in Erika's ISR class in February 2009. When she completed the course she was able to flip herself over from a face-down, prone position in the water to a float FULLY DRESSED IN WINTER CLOTHES! It is now two months after the class, and my daughter still remembers how to turn over and float in the water. As a result, I feel my daughter is capable of successfully completing life-saving maneuvers if she were to fall in water. We are very happy customers of Erika Pellegrino, who I must admit has amazing amounts of patience and composure around discomfited children in the water as they learn these important skills. Thank you, Ms. Erika!!!"
Kendra B.


"It's amazing to see them floating and swimming in all of those clothes. Alex and Milo miss swimming with you every day. It was amazing to watch them progress from crying and nervousness to smiles and confidence. I am extremely excited about taking them to the pool. Milo and Alex both know to take turns coming to me since you emphasized holding on to the wall and helping them recognize how to stay safe. Yeah, no more fearless jumps into the water by Milo and even if he does I know he can go to his float….Now Alex seems to love the water. He use to protest getting his face wet in the bathtub, pool, or a sprinkler, but now he actually washes his own hair and rinses . It's great to see the both of them in the backyard enjoying the sprinkler and kid pool. It sure is keeping our summer safer and cooler this year.! My family was amazed when they saw them this weekend because they know how upset Alex used to get about the water and they were shocked to see the pictures of them swimming in their clothes. We've had a lot of amazed comments about Milo at the pool and I think one of my neighbors is interested in trying the program for her 18 month old son. It was worth all of the driving, money, and time documenting their diet. We'll definitely see you with our little girl next summer when we do a review for the boys. Take care "
Elizabeth S.

Numbers speak for themselves and parents who have discovered ISR are happy to share
their experiences with you. To read what they have to say on a National level click here.

At I Swim Austin, we would be delighted to teach your child these crucial self-rescue skills.
However ,if you still have doubts on which program is the right one for you and your little
one, we urge you to please be very careful when choosing swim lessons and to keep the
following points in mind:

1. Question everything about the program, the instructor's qualifications and what specific
skills will be learned.

2. Be sure your child will learn how to swim with head in the water, turn on his back to
float, rest and breathe and then flip back over to a swim. The sequencing of skills is key to
get your child to safety.

3. Make sure all lessons are one-on-one. NEVER enroll in a program where the instructor
must divide time in the water between several unskilled students.

4. Be sure your instructor can thoroughly explain hyponatremia (water intoxication) to
you. Ask what precautions are taken before and during the lesson to avoid this potentially
dangerous situation.

5. Do not allow your child to be worked with for longer than 10 minutes.

6. Do not enroll in any swimming program before your child is 6 months old and never
enroll in a program that uses flotation devices.

7. Finally, never believe that ANYONE is ever drown proof by any lessons or skill level. No
one is ever drown proof and constant supervision in and around the water is the only sure
way to prevent drowning
How does ISR compare to other Swim Programs?
ISR Non-Discrimination Policy
Infant Swimming Resource, LLC ("ISR") complies with all federal and state laws and regulations and does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, age, religion or disability. It is the policy of ISR to provide reasonable accommodations to its disabled applicants and students, with the provision of appropriate documentation of the need for the accommodation.

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